About Us

Super Net Cargo W.L.L

Super Net Cargo W.L.L offers Fast and Safe transport services to all its customers. We have been in this business for over a decade and can assure you smart, reliable service. Want to ship anything by land, sea or air from Bahrain? Super Net Cargo is the fastest, cheapest, convenient and most preferred shipping company from the region.

Super Net Cargo W.L.L is the one of the leading customs clearing company in Bahrain since 2004, we have three separate section for customs clearing Airport / Post customs clearing, Sea port customs clearing and Border customs clearing (Saudi-Bahrain causeway )

Our piece of good fortune is the regular clientele we have, more than 180 repeat customers who transport variety of products like food, garments, building materials, electrical & electronic, personal, pharmacy and cosmetic and house hold items and industry importers. The internal contact we have with the ministry and also with the customs clearance department makes our job all the more easier. We have efficient fleet of transportation and equipments to handle any type of cargo. Our clients are happy for our service and rates. Our clearing department ready 24 hours to do the service for emergency customs clearing like Medical and perishable cargos

We ship all types of air and sea shipments from Bahrain and all the surrounding cities to any parts of the world.
Throughout this process, you will benefit from these services:
1) External air cargo transport
2) Air Mail - international transport services for documents and small packages
3) More flexibility - for shipments to global destinations
4) Simplified customs procedures.
5) Acceptance, verification and handling cargo
6) Documents verification
7) Export - transport documents issuing and verification, handling cargo and screening.
8) Import - reception, storage, cargo handling and arrival notification.
9) Handling services - performed by certified personnel at the destination.
10) AWB - transport will be accompanied by documents recommended by IATA (International Air Transport Association), supplemented with clear and complete information.
11) Door to Door cargo delivery throughout India